The International Conference of Elite Women in acronym CIFE is an interactive exchange platform mainly dedicated to Women.

Organized every two (2) years in collaboration with the Body of Christ, it includes plenaries and workshops.

In its primary vocation, CIFE addresses the thorny question of the contribution of the Christian female elite in particular and of women in general in the development and governance of nations.

The many development challenges, the resurgence of socio-cultural phenomena and the crisis of values, impose a new type of governance, which cannot be possible without quality female leadership, in our nations.

The holy scriptures challenge us in the book of Psalm 2/8 “Ask me and I will give you the nations for inheritance, the ends of the earth for possession”.

This is the biblical justification for the international conference of the elite woman.

A performance incubator, CIFE aims to:

  • Encourage and equip women to work effectively for their nations;
  • Bring women to better value themselves and realize their destiny;
  • Fight against the presumption of incompetence;
  • Be active in development and meet the challenges of its generation.