The first edition of CIFE opened on Wednesday October 10, 2018, at the convention center of Brazzaville, on the main theme “Buildings of Nations of Reference”, taken from Psalm 2: 8, which confers a general message of inheritance of nations and possession of the ends of the earth that “elite” women should appropriate.

The CIFE aims to:
Encourage and equip women to work effectively for their nations;
Bring women to better value themselves and realize their destiny;
Fight against the presumption of incompetence;
Be active in development and meet the challenges of its generation.

It targets Christian elite women of all platforms.

In 2018, more than one thousand (1,000) people participated in plenaries and workshops, including around 99% women, from various sectors.

The developed sub-themes were consecutively:

– Woman and Productivity;
– Responsibility of the Church in the face of Future Generations;
– Woman and Conflict resolution within a Nation;
– Female Leadership and Governance.

Four (4) speakers have stepped up to develop these sub-themes.

Pastor Patricia PIEBI from Gabon,
Prophetess Sissi BOGOLI from the DRC
Pastor Huldah ERUMAKA from Nigeria
And the Prophetess Patricia YOKA from Congo, visionary of the CIFE

We noted at this conference, the presence of several representatives of the Congolese government including Bertille Nefer INGANI, Minister for the Promotion of Women in Development, Bruno Jean Richard Itoua, Minister of Higher Education. The diplomatic corps was represented by His Excellency Déborah Samaïla ILIYA Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

After four days of plenary sessions, followed by workshop work and punctuated by fruitful discussions, recommendations are made to the government, in particular:

  • The need to continue to instill values ​​of ethics and justice for the emergence of reference nations
  • The usefulness of helping to find the answer to the type of female leadership appropriate to Africa
  • The importance of considering the integration of women who constitute half of the talents in a nation

The Church: Body of Christ and the Christian elite, together, should build benchmark nations in order to increasingly impact and integrate future generations. This, we fully assume their responsibility to educate, inform and train. Evangelism should be the foundation of this mission, so that the Church remains a catalyst for change.

As for women, they must reconsider their role as educators in order to build families and Nations of Reference. To reach a level of excellence and responsibility capable of making her a benchmark, women should redefine their vision, ambitions and strategies. It should therefore continue to cultivate itself in fields as varied as diversified in order to better respond to the political vocation and to integrate fully into the management of public affairs.

The CIFE 2018 was an excellent moment of sharing which allowed the women present to better understand their role as builders of the nations.

It is clear that women remain the backbone of society and don’t we say that “what women want God wants”

Head to 2020 for the 2nd edition of CIFE.

Elite Women: Builders of Righteous Nations.